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Superintendent Jane Shamieh

I am honored to serve as Superintendent of Schools of the Vacaville Unified School District. We serve over 12,500 K-12 students in this amazing community of Vacaville. As your Superintendent, my goal is to ensure that all students are safe and that high quality instruction is delivered daily.

My priorities for VUSD are:

  • Building on the academic achievement and success of all students and preparing them for college and careers. Our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) details funding allocations as well as actions and services we will provide to support achievement of all students. VUSD has ten Career Technical Education pathways for students as well.
  • Choices and options for all students. Not all students are the same nor do they learn the same. We strive to offer as many options and choices as possible to provide individualized learning experiences. We have established two new schools that offer more options for students: VUSD’s first K-8 school, Sierra Vista K-8, and the Ernest Kimme Charter Academy for Independent Learners. VUSD also has educational programs that provide opportunities like Spanish immersion, parent cooperative learning, college credits, advanced learning and adult education.
  • High standards and expectations for all employees. I believe in recognizing the successes of staff and building a cohesive team dedicated to serving all students. I enjoy sharing the success of staff and students at Board meetings- please see the links to board presentations below. Also, please enjoy our Staff Appreciation Video.
  • A safe, welcoming and healthy environment that foster student learning on all of our campuses. See our Student Services department which shows the system of supports available for students. A healthy environment includes good food, which is a priority for our Student Nutrition department. 

Superintendent's Board Comments


The Superintendent presents information at Governing Board meetings to highlight the people and programs that make VUSD an amazing learning community. The following are the Superintendent's Comments and Reports:

2021-22 School Year

05/26/22 Garamendi Visit, Custodial Staff Recognition

05/12/22 Announcements, Congratulations, & Recognitions

04/28/22 Early Education Information and VUSD Updates

04/07/22 Administrative Assistants Recognition

03/24/22 State Assessments, Early Learning Event, & Summer School

03/10/2022 Staff Recognitions & School Visits

02/10/22 Beyond the Bell After School Enrichment 

01/27/2022 Community COVID-19 Testing, Job Fair

01/13/2022 New Education Laws & School Activities

12/16/2021 November 2021 VUSD Vaccine Mandate Survey

11/04/2021Red Ribbon Week, Class Visits, & Beyond the Bell

10/21/2021 Engineering Challenge, Safety Training, Automotive Program, "Above the Noise"

10/07/2021 Week of the Administrator

09/23/2021 COVID Testing Center and Job Fair

09/09/2021 Site Visits, Markham Student Nutrition Visit

08/05/2021 Construction Updates & CDPH Requirements

2020-21 School Year

06/24/2021 District/School Updates and Summer School Programs

06/10/2021 Summer School

05/27/2021 New Administrators and Graduation Dates

05/13/2021 VUSD Achievements & Summer School Update

04/01/2021 ACSA/Vaccination Clinic/Return to Sports

03/18/2021 Elementary Schools Reopening

03/04/2021 New Director of Secondary Education/VUSD Staff Vaccination Clinic Updates 

01/28/2021 District and School Updates

01/14/2021 Board Update on COVID-19- Governor's Plan

12/17/2020 Board Meeting Protocol/ 2020-21CAASPP Testing/ COVID-19 Update

11/05/2020 Schools Update

10/22/2020 Information & Resources on COVID-19/ Getting Schools Ready

10/08/2020 Week of the School Administrator

09/24/2020 COVID-19 Reopening Update

09/10/2020 COVID-19 Update, Virtual Learning

08/06/2020 Elementary Waivers, Measure A Bond Refinance, Donations

2019-20 School Year

06/25/2020 AB 77, Proposed Education Codes for In-Person/Distance Learning

02/13/2020 Classified Job Fair, EL Reclassification, Fairmont STEAM, Orchard Wax Museum

01/30/2020 Site Visits, Child Nutrition Grant

01/16/2020 New Education Laws

12/12/2019 BCMHS Graphics Arts Project, PIQE Graduation, Genentech Donations

11/07/2019 Red Ribbon, GATE, Treats for Troops, First Responder Day, BCMHS Noche de los Muertos

10/24/2019 Staff Recognition, BCMHS Graphic Arts,  Project Inspire

10/10/2019 Power outage, Safe Routes to School, Cooper Egg Drop, Week of School Admin

09/12/2019 New Admin, Teacher Recognition, Mental Health Clinicians, Summer at City Hall

08/08/2019 New Admin, Staff Trainings/Retreats, New Teacher Orientation

2018-19 School Year

06/27/2019 New Admin, Jepson Washington DC, Vacaville PD VIP Ride to School Program

05/16/2019 Scholarships, Migrant Ed Speech/Debate Team, District Choirs, Art Shows (PDF)

05/02/2019 New Principals, Testing, Educators of Year, Staff Appreciation, Padan Leadership

04/11/2019 Padan Leadership, VIP Rides to School

03/28/2019 Adult School, Site Visits

03/14/2019 Pi Day, Jepson School to Watch, Model SARB, Community Event

02/28/2019 Educational Services and Students Services Restructure Plan

01/17/19 Teachers/Classified Employees of Year

12/06/18 Paradise Fire Fundraisers, Board President, Upcoming Meetings

11/15/18  New, Returning and Retiring Board Members, Padan, Orchard

11/01/18  HR Superintendent's Retirement

10/18/18  Fairmont, Jepson, Orchard, Genentech

10/04/18  Administrator Appreciation

09/20/18  Welcome SCOE Superintendent, Hemlock, Orchard, Vaca High

08/09/18  New Employees, Maintenance, Technology, ALT Team, Preparing for BTS

07/12/18  New Employees

2017-18 School Year

06/28/18  AVID, Summer Program, Board Policies

06/14/18  CPR Award, Business Office Recognitions

05/17/18  Plant a 1000 Flowers

05/03/18  VHS, Transportation, SELPA Awards, Board Policies

04/12/18  Soroptimist, Sierra Vista, Padan, Board Policies, BCMHS

03/15/18  Board Policies, Facilities

02/15/18  Employees of the Year

02/01/18  Employees of the Year

12/07/18  VPEF, ASL, Will C. Wood, Vaca Pena, Jepson

11/06/17  Team Up Winners, ACE, Public Safety Class, Jepson, Kimme

11/02/17  Mr. Ropelato, High School Spirit, Red Ribbon Week, SCIL Classes 

09/21/17  Browns Valley, Orchard, Will C Wood

09/07/17  Back to School, Jean Callison, Fairmont Charter, New Facilities

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Jane Shamieh T Flores

Jane Shamieh
Phone: (707) 453-6101


Teresa Flores
Executive Secretary
Phone: (707) 453-6101

Department Fax: (707) 453-7114



VUSD 2016-17 Overview

VUSD 2016-17 Overview Link View the VUSD 2016-17 District Overview including budgets, progress indicators, Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways, enrichment opportunities, programs, LCAP priorities, Measure A projects and more.

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