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English Learner Department

DELAC Meeting DEC 9, 2020 at 7:00         
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English Learners

To meet the varied needs of English Learners (EL) and families, the District provides programs that offer support to students acquiring English as a second language. A Dual Language Spanish Immersion Program is offered at one site for families seeking bilingualism and biliteracy for their children. 

English Learner Department Staff

Luci Del Rio
EL/Dual Immersion/Categorial
Program Coordinator

Maria Rosa Herrera
EL Program Coordinator

Karina Duran
Student Information System Technician

Each California public school district, grades kindergarten through 12, with 51 or more English learners must form a District-level English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) or subcommittee of an existing district-wide advisory committee.

The purpose of the DELAC is to advise the district's local governing board on programs and services for English learners to improve our English learners’ acquisition of English and to help our students achieve academic success.

Cada distrito escolar público de California, desde jardín de infantes hasta 12º grado, con 51 o más estudiantes de inglés debe formar un Comité Consejero del Distrito de Estudiantes Aprendices de Inglés a nivel de Distrito (DELAC) o un subcomité de un comité asesor existente en todo el distrito.

El propósito del DELAC es informar a la Mesa Directiva del Distrito Escolar sobre programas y servicios para estudiantes aprendices de inglés y mejorar la adquisición de inglés de nuestros estudiantes para que ellos pueden alcanzar el éxito académico.

Fechas de juntas / Meeting Dates, 2020-2021

  • 5 de agosto / Aug 5th
  • 23 de septiembre / September 23rd 
  • 9 de diciembre / Dec 9th
  • 24 de marzo / March 24
  • 26 de mayo / May 26   Posible Presentación por padres de DELAC avisando La Mesa Directiva / DELAC possible parent presentation advising our School Board

The district reclassifies a pupil from English Learner to English Proficient by using a process and criteria that include, but are not limited to the following criteria set within the district.

Reclassification (Exit) Criteria
  Reclassification Criteria: (5 CCR 11303) VUSD Reclassification Criteria:
1 Assessment of English Language Proficiency ELPAC: Overall proficiency of 4 required
2 Comparison of the performance of the pupil in basic skills All grade levels: reading and/or writing assessment in English that shows whether the student is performing at or near grade level
3 Teacher participation and evaluation Teacher opinion and completion of the SOLOM with 4 or 5 in each area
4 Parent/guardian opinion and consultation Parent consultation and approval

Individualized reclassification through the IEP is available for dual identified pupils with significant disabilities

ELPAC Parent Resources Here

Practice and Training Tests

This web page provides students guest access to practice and training tests. Select “Sign In” as a Guest User and Guest Session to take a practice or training test with your child. Select your child’s grade and choose a practice or training test for the following test:

  • English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC)

Practice and Training Tests 

The Starting Smarter websites help parents understand student scores and reports, view sample test questions, and provide additional free resources to support your child’s learning.

Starting Smarter

English Parent Guide to ELPAC

Guía Para los Padres en Español para el ELPAC 

  • Language Proficiency Assessments
  • Professional Learning for Staff
  • Alternative Reclassification Process for Dual Identified (EL & Special Education) Students
  • Dual Immersion Program Support
  • Migrant Support
  • ELD Program Evaluation and Review
  • Newcomer Services and Support
  • English Learner Program Placement
  • ELAC and DELAC
  • Parent Education
  • English Learner Community Connection (ELCC)

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