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Enrollment FAQ's


When does registration start? When does registration end?            

Registration starts on Monday, March 1, 2021, for the upcoming school year. Registration is accepted all year for new students entering school during the current school year.

We have just moved into the Vacaville Unified School District and have enrolled my child in school. Is it guaranteed that my child will be able to attend our home school?                                                                           

All incoming students are assigned to their school of residence. Students are placed in schools on a space-available basis. If your school of residence is full at the time you enroll your child, your child may be “overflowed” to another school within the District.



Do you have "Open Enrollment"?                                                               

Open Enrollment is now referred to as an IntraDistrict Transfer.

May I request a specific school?                                                              

Vacaville Unified School District approves requests depending on available space and in compliance with California law and Governing Board policies. Detailed information regarding placement priorities and procedures can be found here.



When and how will I know if my child is “overflowed” to another school?   

When you register your child at your school of residence, the school will work to determine where space is available for your child and will let you know as soon as possible, by phone.

My child has been "overflowed" to another elementary school. What is the District's policy?
If your child was sent to another school because of space, your child will be guaranteed a spot in your school of residence the following year. If you wish for your child to remain at the overflow school permanently, you will need to apply and be approved for an IntraDistrict Transfer.



I live in the Vacaville Unified School District and I want to home school my child. How do I notify the District and what are the next steps?

You can apply to Ernest Kimme Charter Academy and home school your child. Ernest Kimme Charter Academy for Independent Learning offers a program for grades 7-12.

Does Vacaville Unified School District have any elementary home school options?

VUSD began offering two options for students in grades K-6. The At Home Learning Program, which began spring 2021 and Vacaville Virtual Learning Academy (VVLA), which begins fall 2021. The two at home options helps meet students' individual needs and offers support to families who choose an alternative route to educate their student. 



I have changed addresses. What should I do?

Students who change their legal residence during the school year need to notify their home school of their new residential address. This can be done through the parent portal or by contacting the school. If you still reside within VUSD boundaries, check the School Finder address verification system to verify your address and school of residence. If you do not reside in VUSD boundaries, you will be required to complete an InterDistrict Attendance Permit, which is obtained from your District of Residence.


If I move out of the Vacaville Unified School District during the school year, can my child remain at their current VUSD School for the remainder of the year?

You will need to apply for an InterDistrict Attendance Permit from your District of Residence. Permits are approved on a space-available basis and need to be approved by both Districts. Also considered are the student’s behavior and satisfactory attendance.


My child is attending a VUSD school on an Intra or InterDistrict Transfer. Do I have to reapply each year?

Students on an IntraDistrict Transfers (those living within VUSD boundaries, but requesting a different school) district will not need to reapply yearly. All transfers are on a space-available basis.  Other considerations include the student’s attendance record and behavior record. InterDistrict Attendance Permits need to be renewed on an annual basis.



Which schools have before and after school care ASES program?

Fairmont Charter, Padan Elementary, Hemlock Elementary, and Markham Elementary have an After School Enrichment and Safety Program (ASES). There is no charge to parents for the ASES Program. More information about the ASES Program is available here.

The City of Vacaville has a fee based before and or after school program for student in grades 1-6 near Alamo Elementary, Browns Valley Elementary, Callison Elementary, Cooper Elementary, and Sierra Vista K-8.  For more information see City of Vacaville TGIF.