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1/22/18 5:23 PM
1/22/18 5:23 PM
1/22/18 5:23 PM
1/22/18 5:23 PM
1/22/18 5:23 PM


Reporting Forms for School Accidents/Incidents and District Property & Liability

Form Name

(Completed by district employees only)

Description of Report

(Please complete and return as soon as possible after the incident)




Email To


School Accident Incident Report

Reporting school accidents, incidents, or injuries involving students, visitors, etc.
(Please keep signed original and email a copy)

(Do not use to report employee injuries -  Call Company Nurse)

Site/Dept Vicky Rasmussen
Student Incident Summary Report

Reporting student related incidents involving student crimes,student safety, or inappropriate behaviors

Site/Dept Laurie Jackson

Removal of Student from School Campus by Police/Social Worker

Reporting of student removal from school by Police or Social Worker

Site/Dept Laurie Jackson
Vehicle Accident Report  Reporting accidents involving district owned vehicles Site/Dept Vicky Rasmussen
Property Loss Report  Reporting loss or damage to district owned property or equipment Site/Dept Vicky Rasmussen